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Episode 1: The get well sherbet

Undernourishment is a real problem for hospital patients. A small appetite, often combined with an impaired sense of taste or swallowing difficulties, mean that many don't eat enough to maintain their weight and speed up their recovery. Aalborg University Hospital, DuPont Nutrition & Health and Aabybro Dairy have teamed up to tempt patients with a light and refreshing, nutritious snack. 

Meet the team

_MG_7795 kopi (1).jpg

Niels Henrik Lindhardt owns Aabybro Dairy in north Jutland. Fifteen years ago, he was the first to produce protein and energy-enriched ice cream for Danish hospitals. Today, his products are used in hospitals all over Denmark.


Marie Nerup Mortensen (pictured left) is head of Kulinarium, a nutrition research centre at Aalborg University Hospital. Comprising doctors, nurses, dieticians and food scientists, the Kulinarium team works to tailor hospital food to patient needs – supporting their recovery.

Niels Erik i pilot2[1].jpeg

Niels Erik Larsen is principal application scientist at DuPont Nutrition & Health, a multinational company that develops and supplies ingredients for the food industry. Niels works in the DuPont innovation centre in Brabrand, where new recipes are put to the test in the well-equipped pilot facilities.


If you like what you hear, please share it.