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Episode 2: The student challenge

The battle for talented young people is on in the business world. So, how can food companies come across as the most exciting career option? Through a student challenge, of course. At regular events in Denmark, teams of international students come together and compete to find the best solutions to food industry challenges. The contests open up a world of exciting career possibilities in the food sector.  We hear from a former contest participant about how the challenge put her on the young talent map – and her ambition to make a difference. 

Meet the team


Mehri Noorali moved from Iran to study in Denmark. She was one of 50 students selected to take part in the FoodTech Challenge – an experience that opened her eyes to a career in the Danish food industry. Today, she works for vegetable oils and fats producer AAK as a junior commercial product manager – a job that fascinates her more and more with each passing day. 


Stine Thit Jensen is senior event manager at recruitment company FoodJob Nordic, which runs the student challenges to connect talented students with companies in the food industry.  “Consumers are more critical than ever, and market conditions are getting more competitive. Food companies must step up their game in talent attraction and employer branding,” she says. 


Henning Villadsen is business development director at AAK and led the company’s business case in the FoodTech Challenge. Since the event, he has experienced that AAK has become much better known among students. That’s important – as he says, when young talents come together from across the world, it takes the company to new levels. 


Photos courtesy of AAK

If you like what you hear, please share it.