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Episode 4: Bottleful of dreams 

In recent years, new Nordic cuisine has taken the world by storm. Now Nordic drinks are drawing attention - produced by innovative entrepreneurs with an unswerving focus on Danish craftsmanship and the best, natural ingredients. Pure Shots, Cold Hand Winery and Nohrlund are three young drinks companies that are putting Denmark on the gourmet beverage map. We went to find out why their brand of premium indulgence is revolutionising the drinks market.

This episode was produced in collaboration with Agro Business Park. See more about their upcoming event below. 

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Meet the drink masters 


Cold Hand Winery

When Jens Skovgaard Petersen first bought the old farm where Cold Hand Winery is located today, he had no idea that he would end up producing fruit wines. He started out by planting the same apple trees as everyone else – many of them for cider production. Today, he gives those apples away. 

Most of the apples that Jens uses for his apple wine come from his partner Flemming’s apple plantation on the island of Funen – and they’re the good old Danish varieties that are often hard to find in shops.

Photos courtesy of Cold Hand Winery


Pure Shots

Anders Snede has always loved the social life you get when working in a bar. One of the reasons why the Pure Shots office is based in Aarhus harbour is that it is close to the city – making it easy to walk in and talk to customers. That has real value in itself, he says. For the design of the Pure Shots range, Anders really wanted to capture a homemade look. He and his business partner labelled the first 100,000 bottles by hand – adding to that rustic charm. 

Photos courtesy of Pure Shots



Søren Aamand and his business partner, Anders, first had the idea for starting a company that produces premium, pre-mixed cocktails during a weekend break in a summer house on the Danish island of Funen. Nohrlund is the name of the summer house.

Today, the Nohrlund factory is located in Hvidovre, a Copenhagen suburb. A lot of the fruit used in the cocktails is juiced on site – and the left-over pulp is collected for biodiesel production. Søren would never claim that the cocktails are healthy, but they do contain some vitamins from the fruit.

Photos courtesy of Nohrlund


Agro Business Park is the organiser for Danish Drinks for Distribution 2018. Travel and accommodation are free for international buyers who attend this event. More information here.

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