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Episode 3: Healthy chicken business 

The chicken business is booming. Today, in the US, the largest chicken producer slaughters as many as 35 million birds a week to keep up with demand. You might think that the poultry business has never had it so good. But over the past few years, consumers have started to demand chicken reared without antibiotics. Worried that antibiotic-free farming will harm the birds and lower profits, US poultry farmers are turning to Danish innovation for a solution.

Meet the team


John Dickerson is a poultry sales manager for Hamlet Protein in the United States. He has been in the animal nutrition business since 1984 and today works with large poultry producers to help them give chicks the best start in life – and a life without antibiotics.

Saritha edited .png

Saritha Saraswathy is a qualified veterinarian from India and an expert in poultry nutrition. She’s been fascinated with poultry ever since she was a child. In 2017, she moved to Denmark and a job at Hamlet Protein head office in Horsens, where she works with innovative feed solutions for poultry producers around the world. 


Photos courtesy of Hamlet Protein

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