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Episode 7: Farming and the city

Have you heard how many people are moving to the cities these days? Does that make you wonder about who’s going to grow the food?

In Denmark, a community of like-minded people have come together to help secure the global food supply for generations to come. Together, they have formed Growstack – an open source, foodtech project that is all about bringing farming to the cities.

Less than a year since they started, the first spinoff from their efforts is already in place in Copenhagen Street Food market – a 20-foot shipping container that is now providing street food stallholders with a regular supply of delicious and nutritious microgreens.

More spinoffs are underway.

Partners in the Growstack project are the CPH Foodtech Community, the vertical farming specialists at Nextfood and the Danish Society of Engineers, otherwise known as IDA.

The Growstack team tells their visionary and innovative story in this episode of Foodpod Denmark.

By the way…
Anyone can become an urban farmer. To find out how to build your own vertical farm, visit the Growstack wiki.

Meet the team

I want to save the world right? Actually, I don’t. For me, you can’t deny food. It’s something everyone needs. I’ve been on a journey from 3D printing, to data management, to other tech-related areas, but I’ve always come back to food because I think there is a problem around it. So I quit my involvement in a startup last September and jumped into something that had no outlook to a paying job – not from a financial point of view, but for quality of life.
— Frederik Lean Hansen, Urban farmer, co-founder of Copenhagen Foodtech Community and Growstack lead
I wanted to be involved in something important. Looking into different fields, I finally settled on foodtech. We started Nextfood at the beginning of 2017. Within the first year of our existence we managed to get a product to market, and we are serving our customers now. We believe that having open tech platforms where people can collaborate and build business on top is the way forward.
— Rasmus Bjerngaard, Co-founder of Copenhagen Foodtech Community and Nextfood and co-initiator of Growstack  
I work in the intersection between startups, communities and innovation. And that is relevant for the members of IDA who are entrepreneurs or interested in this field. Facilitating the network and creating connections and being the platform for knowledge-sharing – we know that’s very beneficial. I believe that if enough people get together and do something they believe in, they can make a change.
— Tina Ryoon Andersen, Project developer at the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) and co-initiator of Growstack

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